Message from Ceo

Dear Invertors, Shareholders, Business Partners and Employees of Index Group

We started our journey in 1989 with three computer engineers and a mechanical engineer, and we have aimed with a great spirit of entrepreneurship to support a socioeconomic transformation and an ecosystem which will contribute to Turkey starting from Istanbul. Since the our establishment, our main target has been to provide all products needed by the computer companies around Turkey as a well-organized computer distributor and to move our achievements to Anatolia in education fields with the help of our social responsibility projects. Our principles and values and the process of institutionalization, that we have tried to sustain for almost 30 years with our group affiliates without compromising, will continue in the future as it was in the past thanks to our evolving vision.

Since our first day, we have come to these days by widening our activities in technology world and realizing our growth target step-by-step. Because we have a mission to be a main supply center of the world leader brands in Turkey, when we set off, our company, having had a history for more than 25 years, still has gained strength in parallel with our learning years such as apprenticeship, semiskilled rating and mastership. We have had the proper pride of being leader in the information technologies as Index Computer and its affiliates with our comprehensive researches as reference in Turkish informatics sector; and we are determined to continue that.

With the help of our working style and corporation culture, we have never left our principle "think big, start small". When some terms such as reliability, being result oriented, perfection and inventiveness combined with some values such as consistency, honesty, sustainability, productivity and measurability, basis of our corporative structure was established in a short term and moved us to the leadership of the informatics sector. We have never gone around in a circle and been open to new advantages and formations. We continue to move forward with our motto "Profitable, Efficient and Growing Index Group".

Of course, it will be good to put emphasize on our innovative strategies that we realized by complying with the current changes of the world. Beyond any doubt, the digitalization is the key factor of change nowadays. When we take steps for future in a world more digitalized day-by-day, we keep in mind the change itself and create more innovative solutions and services more than ever.

As Index Group, we determine and realize our strategies with this approach. Therefore, we changed our software and technology infrastructure last years. We have made investments in information technologies, telecom and logistic industries. We have increased the net sales and net profits thanks to these investments. Moreover, we much focused on the technological products with high added value and digital transformation. And we are backed by the computer, mobile and environment product groups. Also, in the direction of being the biggest valued added distributor of Turkey and the region, we have started to deliver our products with added value to Middle Asia countries.

We will reach higher growth rates thanks to new investments and expansions together with our activities on the internet in the objects, wearable technologies, cloud and mobile activities in the technology world after that. We will take firms steps forward being a leader in the sector, particularly in digitalization, due to our innovative solutions and projects.

In the direction of this vision, we will continue to build our success that we have had so far with our business partners who believe in us, our customers who trust in us and our employees who add a value to us. Therefore, for one more time, I owe a debt of gratitude for our professional and experienced employees who move us to a better future, our valuable investors and valuable business partners who are experts in their field.

Yours Sincerely,

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