Our Business Relations

As Index Group family, we gather our success culture coming from the past and all principles creating a road map to us for our future in our business principles. Our business relations will show the way to all of our employees and it is a map to remind them how we do the things. We expect that all of our employees comply with the principles in that map and proceed with that map. As Index Group, we support the behaviors in that map. Our sources which gather the business principles letting us to continue our Index Group culture and lead our behaviors:

  • Our Vision and Mission: Our target, dreams and road map for future.

  • Our Values: Our characteristic features which will be prioritized during our journey.

  • Our Ethical Code: Our principles which give details of our values and undertake our ethical way of doing things.

  • Our Targets: In order to realize our vision, to measure and follow how much we proceed and how much we are successful.

  • Representation of Index Group: It defines how professionally we represent our institute.

  • Our principles and experiences we have gained so far.
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