Our Milestones



Our Group CEO, Erol Bilecik, joins in the Board of Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD). We changed our software and technology infrastructure in 2016 and increased our net sales and net profits thanks to our investments in informatics, telecom and logistics.

We, as Index Group, have been in a new settlement in order to achieve bigger successes in direction with our aim to be the biggest distributor with the highest added value. As a part of new structuring, all of our distributorship contracts, which belong to the product groups with added value within the body of Index Bilgisayar A.Ş., are transferred to our affiliate, Artım Bilişim. Our employees, who work on these contracts, join in Artım Bilişim. We decided to provide our products with added value to Middle Asia countries through Artım Bilişim, when we recently bought the remaining shares of Artım Bilişim, which has been under our roof since 2011.

In addition to the present works, Artım Bilişim, which adds cloud it solutions, big data solutions and internet of things to its portfolio, has been re-structured in order to move these products to its corporative customers in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armania, Kirghizia and Tajikistan through the ecosystem of high canal business partners. For this purpose, Artım Bilişim signed a cooperation agreement with Oracle.

Index Bilgisayar moved up to 40th rank among 500 big companies of Turkey in 2015 according to Fortune 500 Turkey which was prepared by Fortune Turkey magazine according to the profit, growth rate, growth and value of the companies in our country and published in July 2016.

According to the Research of First 500 Informatics Companies made by M2S Research and Marketing Services, first 500 informatics companies are announced in Turkey. This year for the first time, the awards were given in Informatics and Technologies sector according to the giros of the companies, Index Bilgisayar under the roof of Index Group left behind all its domestic and foreign competitors and had the biggest informatics company award in Informatics Sector. Again, Datagate Bilgisayar, which is also active in the same group, is chosen as the informatics company with the best performance for the last 3 years.



İndeks Bilgisayar is ranked 59th in the net sales list with its 2,2 million Turkish Liras net sales in the 2015 ranking of Fortune 500 Turkey which determines the biggest 500 companies of Turkey.

Index Group moved its Central Office to Kağıthane in a 7-thousand square meter building and completed the most important steps of re-structuring. Index Bilişim has moved the operations of Teklos A.Ş., which has been providing logistic services to telecom and informatics companies since 2006, to 24-thousand sqm logistic center in Gebze-Şekerpınar, which is a new investment of the group and put its signature on one of the biggest investments in Information Technologies and ICT market. Teklos A.Ş. becomes one of the strong players of logistics.

Because one of group companies, Datagate, is the distributor of Avea, it helps us to move to telecom sector and it is recorded in Index Group history as a critical development in its growth. As a result of this agreement, Index Group has signed a distributorship agreement with 10 smart phone production companies, and become one of the most important players of the mobile world.

Awarded Seba Office Boulevard Project, which is realized with Seba Construction partnership, has started to be built on 24 thousands and 651 sqm area in Kağıthane-Cendere since 2015.

Index Bilgisayar, within the body of Index Group, has reached its highest profit since its establishment. Index Bilgisayar has multiply its net profit with 78% in 2015, and it reaches 44,9 million Turkish Liras, when it is compared with the previous year. Index Group has had 7 companies in total including Index Bilgisayar, 3 of which are open-to-public companies. All companies of Index Group increased their net sales from 2.7 billion Turkish Liras to 4 billion Turkish Liras in 2015 and its growth rate was 49%.

As a structure, which aims to be among the five biggest companies of Europe in technology sector in 2023, the infrastructures of our group companies are renewed entirely. Within that scope, we completed our transfer to SAP. We prepared our infrastructure for future thanks to this and other investments.



Neteks İletişim Ürünleri Dağıtım A.Ş. has had the award of "Distributor of the Year" in Cisco Business Associates Summit on 10th May 2014 in Antalya.

Datagate Bilgisayar Malzemeleri Ticaret AŞ, one of our associated partners, has successfully finalized distributorship meeting with dynamic and innovative GSM operator Avea İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. on Avea Communication Centers (AİM) authorized by Avea, Avea Distribution Centers (ADM) and Avea Corporative Technology Centers (KTM) Mobile Telephones, Mobile Devices, Accessories, Avea GSM line, Avea brand partners GSM lines, Virtual TL(loading units) and Avea branded products in retail canal and the agreement is signed between the parties.

Distributorship negotiations came out well between our company and the world leading PC producer Lenovo Technology BV about the supply and sales of Lenovo branded smart phones and the agreement is signed.

Our company signed distributorship agreement with Acer Computer Ltd on PC and laptops, tablets, monitors and projectors, with Fujitsu Technology Solutions Bilişim Ltd on PC and laptops, tablets, monitors servers, data storage products and their environment units, and with AOC International (Europe) BV on monitor products in order to be active in Turkish Market.



Our company signed a distribution contract with Canon which is one of the biggest photocopy and printer producers. Our company signed final agreement with Seba construction company to develop the land which was previously announced to stock market. According to this agreement, our company expects 88,5 million USD including VAT from the sale of the project which will be developed on our land by Seba construction company. Our company signed an agreement with Euler Hermes Insurance Company to insure its receivables on April 2013. This is valid for 2 years. İndeks Bilgisayar ranked 9th among the Turkey Top 500 ICT Companies with its sales income of 1.412.201 (000 TRL) in the turnover-based general ranking in 2012 as determined by Interpromedya A.Ş. In the analysis of the general ranking results, İndeks Bilgisayar ranked 1st, as the previous years, among the companies dealing with computer trade only. Besides, it was ranked 1st company in software and hardware distributor. Further, it ranked first in four different ICT categories. Our company signed an agreement with Apple for the distribution of Apple iphone products which will make significant contribution to our growth.



Our company established a company called Indeks International FZE in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone in UAE to operate mainly in Middle East and Africa in IT. Our company in is %100 owner of Indeks International FZE with paid up capital amount of 150.000 AED. The procedure regarding the establishment was completed on 09.05.2012. Our company purchased %55 of Alkım Bilgisayar Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş that provides after sales services for leading IT brands of the World in the accordance with our long term strategic targets and business plans regarding increase of profitability. 3.000.000 USD was paid for this transaction. As it was established in 1996, it provides value added service, maintenance, fixing services of many brands firstly Hewlett Packard. The company provides guarantee included and excluded solutions with the service points located in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir. İndeks Bilgisayar ranked 8th among the Turkey Top 500 ICT Companies with its sales income of 1.513.546 (000 TRL) in the turnover-based general ranking in 2011 as determined by Interpromedya A.Ş. In the analysis of the general ranking results, İndeks Bilgisayar ranked 1st, as the previous years, among the companies dealing with computer trade only. Besides, it was ranked 1st company in software and hardware distributor. Further, it ranked first in six different ICT categories. These are data back up and storage, server, Tablet and mobile pc, Tablet and mobile pc distribution and B2B E-Trade. Further, Neteks İletişim Dağıtım Ürünleri A.Ş., which is a 50% subsidiary of İndeks Bilgisayar, ranked first in the category of “Network and Data Communication Hardware”. İndeks Bilgisayar Sistemleri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş signed a contract with Apple Europe Ltd to distribute iPad, Mac, iPod and its accessories in Turkey. We predict that Apple Brand will be very strategic value for our company’s future as this brand made revolution in IT and Telecom World with its designed, produced technology and products particularly in end user line. Our company targets to distribute Apple Products in 81 cities in Turkey with more than 8000 dealer channels. By adding these high consumer demanded products to our product portfolio, it will make huge contribution to our growth. The amount of the revenue will be approximately 250 million TRL in our company’s revenue. Apple Inc. and its subsidiaries design, produce and market mobile communication and media appliances, personal computer and mobile digital music player. Besides, for those products, it produces and sales software, service, peripherals, network solutions, digital contents and application belonges third parties. Its products and services includes iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple TV, consumer and professional software applications portfolio, ios, Mac OS X operating systems, , iCloud and many accessories, services and support solutions. Besides, the company sales digital contents and applications with channel of iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore and Mac App Store. Apple was established in 1977 and its headoffice is in California, USA. Indeks has been awarded on 20.12.2012 the distributor of the year regarding Finish Goods licence category organized by Microsoft Turkey in Istanbul. This award was given in revenue, growth, number of dealers made purchasing from the distributor, efficiency categories. Our Chairman Nevres Erol Bilecik was authorized by our Directors’ Board to conduct issues such the sales, revenue or construction area sharing base agreements with construction companies or land development, construction licence for the land at the address of Şişli province Ayazağa Mah. Cendere yolu No: 9 that is owned by our 99,99 % our subsidiary Teklos Teknoloji Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş and where Teklos Teknoloji Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş manages inventory and logistic facilities for Index Group. In addition, as our company’s head office located in this area and its inventory and logistic management is done in this location, making plans to move, for this aim, purchasing new real estates, developing projects on these real estates, licence and construction operations. Our company’s 55 % subsidiary Alkım Bilgisayar Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş was sold and transfered as whole with purchasing amount of 3.000.000 USD to Feridun Sabah whom our company used to purchase from previosly.



In parallel to our business plans and targets, our company acquired % 51 of Artım Bilişim Çözüm ve Dağıtım A.Ş. that provides distribution of value added solutions and supplies spare parts in IT sector. For this transaction, 780.000 USD was invested. Our subsidiary Neotech Teknolojik Ürünler Dağıtım A.Ş. signed an agreement with Canon Eurasia Ltd to distribute Canon branded cameras & video cameras and accessories in Turkey. In the meeting (business partners of the year) held on 02.02.2011 and organized by IBM, the year of 2010 was reviewed. Our company has been awarded as the “Distributor of 2010”. In the meeting organized by Hewlett Packard Turkey in Istanbul, our company has been awarded as having the biggest business volume in PSG (personal systems group) product group in Distributor Category between 4 distributors by considering parameters such as revenue made in this product group, superior logistic services given, creating success in the sales of all HP branded products in Turkey. İndeks Bilgisayar ranked 7th among the Turkey Top 500 ICT Companies in the turnover-based general ranking as determined by Interpromedya A.Ş. Prize was given to our company on 27.06.2011, Monday evening in İstanbul Technical University’s Maslak Campus. Our subsidiary Neotech Teknolojik Ürünler Dağıtım A.Ş. signed an agreement with HTC Corporation to distribute HTC branded smart phones, Tablet PC and accessories in Turkey. Our company was appointed as the only distributor of Office 365 products by Microsoft Turkey and Europe together. These products include specifications of e-mail, Microsoft Office, combined messaging and file sharing…etc



Our logistic company called Teklos A.Ş. achieved the contract of Turkish Telecom for storage and distribution of the products which will be provided to the customers of Turkish Telecom. İndeks Bilgisayar ranked 7th among the Turkey Top 500 ICT Companies with its sales income of TRL 1.087.422 in the turnover-based general ranking as determined by Interpromedya A.Ş. In the analysis of the general ranking results, İndeks Bilgisayar ranked 1st, as the previous years, among the companies dealing with computer trade only. Further, it ranked first in six different ICT categories. These are Personal computer, Mobile, Printing systems, data back up and storage, monitor, operating systems and B2B E-Trade. Further, Datagate Bilgisayar Malzemeleri Tic. A.Ş., which is a 59% subsidiary of İndeks Bilgisayar, ranked first in the category of “OEM (computer parts)” incomes and Neteks İletişim Dağıtım Ürünleri A.Ş., which is a 50% subsidiary of İndeks Bilgisayar, ranked first in the category of “Data Communication Hardware”. Furthermore, Indeks has started negotiations with Canon Eurasia Ltd for the distribution of cameras, video camcorders products and their accessories in Turkey as Canon is one of the biggest producer of these types of products in the world. Our subsidiary, Neteks A.Ş. achieved the distributor of the year award organized by Cisco Systems in 2009. Indeks achieved the most efficient business partner award which was organized by Lenovo in China in 2009. In addition, Indeks has been awarded the distributor of the year organized by IBM Turk Ltd in Istanbul.



In 2009, Index made a distributorship agreement with Iomega and supplier agreement with bestbuy.

Some of the business contracts such as Apple and Airties that Neotech A.Ş. have already had before, transferred to Indeks A.Ş. Neteks A.Ş. which is another affiliate of Indeks made a distributorship agreement with Juniper, IBM ISS and Avaya. According to the results of the Interpromedia reserach, Indeks was ranked as the 7th biggest company with 928 million USD revenue on revenue based. It became the first company between the companies that make only computer trade. It was also awarded as the first company in 6 different categiries in IT sector. Neteks A.Ş. which is an affiliate of Index with 50 percent share achieved the biggest revenue in Data Communication Hardware Category and Datagate A.Ş. which is an affiliate of Index with 59 perdent share gained the biggest revenue in OEM (computer components).


In 2008, the distribution contract is concluded with LG Electronics for notebooks, consumer products & monitors and Asustek for Asus branded server product. Neotech has become the distributor of Wacom, Datagate has concluded the contract of Belkin. In March, with the cooperation of HSBC, Index Grup Corporate Credit Card is distributed to dealers. In June Index has become the TTNet distributor. This is a strategic movement taken by the group which will be beneficial to other group companies as well. Index’s dealer network has entered a new business line of ADSL, they are able to market and sell TTNet ADSL service which is the fastest and uninterruptible one to new customers, extension of subscription to existing subscribers of TTNet.

Teklos which is an affiliate of Index distributed 12 million boxes in 2008. Teklos is gaining great knowledge and experience in IT logistics every day.


In July 2007, capital of the company has been increased from TRL 55.000.000 to TRL 56.000.000 and 1.000.000 deficit for increased capital was covered by the 2006 profit figures.

The company concluded contracts with Philips for the monitors & peripherals; Asus for notebook; Apple IMC for Apple products; Trend Micro for antivirus & internet security software products and Nokia for E-line products within the year 2007.

On 24.07.2007, our company and our subsidiary Datagate Bilgisayar A.Ş., sold 50% shares of their affiliate Neteks Communication Product Distribution A.Ş. to Westcon Group Eurepean Operation Limited, 26% of the 50% shares sold by Indeks Bilgisayar A.Ş., and 24% of it sold by Datagate Bilgisayar Components Trade A.Ş. as well. The final shareholder structure realized as 50% Indeks Bilgisayar A.Ş. and 50% Westcon Group. Until now, Westcon group has companies %100 owned by westcon group in 19 countries. However, this is the first time that Westcon Group has an affiliate in only Turkey.

In November 2007 Dubai International Financial Centre Investments LLC (DIFC Investments LLC), acquired 70% shares of Despec Group International which has Despec Europe, Despec Turkey and Despec Middle East as subsidiaries. The shareholder status of Despec Turkey is as follows: Erol Bilecik has 50% of the shares and Despec Group International has 50%. With the new shareholdership, 50% holdership of Despec Group International is shared between DIFC Dubai with 35 %, Riyaz Amirali Jamal wih15%.

Indeks Bilgisayar A.Ş. became the 6th biggest company according to Interpro Medya Top 500 IT Firms research with 1,023 billion TRL sales in the year of 2007. Indeks also became the 5th biggest company in the Istanbul ranking in terms of revenue. In addition, Indeks became the 1st company in 8 different categories and proved its leadership in the sector. Index Group companies has achieved non consolidated sales of 1 billion USD sales in 2007 as this is an achieved another milestone in the IT sector.


In May 2006, our capital has been increased from YTL 45,000,000 to YTL 55,000,000. YTL 8,718,703 part of YTL 10,000,000 capital increase has been compensated by the end year profit while the rest amount, YTL 1,281,297, was supplied by the reserve funds.

Indeks has acquire Karadeniz Orme A.Ş. to be used as logistics headquarters, which is founded on 39,761 square meters of land and having 18,969 square meters as indoors, and consequently it had executed one of the most important and great investments of its industry. The trade name of Karadeniz Orme A.Ş. has been changed to Teklos Technology Logistic Service A.Ş. and the company’s field of activity has been amended to be convenient for the logistics services. Teklos Technology Logistic Service A.Ş. hasn’t been activated yet and it is planned to offer logistics services primarily to the group and then other companies acting in IT industry. The head office of Index movet to its new location on 26.10.2006. Considering that only group companies had made a total delivery of almost 8,8 millions of technological products, it is expected that Teklos A.Ş. will become a middle sized logistics company soon. Besides, in February 2006, the second biggest company of the group, subsidiary Datagate Bilgisayar Malzemeleri Ticaret AS was listed in Istanbul Stock Exchange. 30,30% of the company was offered to public and the company’s shares were subject to the transactions of Istanbul Stock Exchange(ISE) beginning from 10.02.2006. Therefore, two companies of the group were opened to public and have been subject to the proceedings of ISE. The affiliation ratio of 85% pre-offer has been reduced down to 59,2% afterwards.

The EVOS (Effective Efficient Operational Result-Oriented) ERP system developed by our company has been used by the Indeks group companies since 01.01.2007.

Within the year 2006, the company concluded distributorship agreements with Canon (for printers, fax machines and scanners), Western Digital (for hard disc drives), Panasonic (for consumer electronics products), View Sonic (for monitors) and Sony Vaio (for notebooks). According to the research conducted by Interpro Media A.Ş. , Index became the second company in terms of revenue between 500 IT companies including telephone operators and mobile telephone appliances. It became the first company between the companies that only make computer trade. Furthermore, It became the first company in 9 different categories.


In 2005, according to 02.02.2005 dated decision of Board of Directors, Indeks A.Ş. established Neotech Technological Products Distribution A.Ş. which will operate in consumer electronics market and Indeks entered in to this market by owning 80% of Neotech A.Ş. shares. In 2005 March, Company moved on registered capital system and its registered capital ceiling is determined as YTL 75,000,000. In May 2005, Company increased its capital from YTL 17,600,000 to YTL 45,000,000. In 2005 September, a distributorship agreement was made with TPV Technology Limited which has a %19,5 market share in worldwide monitor production market with a sale amount of USD 4 billion in 2004 for distribution of AOC branded LCD&CRT Monitor, Plasma Monitor and LCD TV products. According to the results of Interpro results, Index became the first company with 759 million USD between 500 IT companies which were dealing with computer trade as Index became the first company in 2004. In addition, Index became the first company in server, printing systems, OEM, operating systems, Office software, E-Trade and market categories revenues.


In 2004, By restricting the preferential rights of the Company on 24.06.2004, the company was listed in Istanbul Stock Exchange by offering 15.34% of the shares to public. The distributorship agreements were made with KINGMAX for memory products and with ASUS for bare bone products. In the same year, Indeks Bilgisayar A.Ş. achieved the certificate called ISO 9001:2000. In addition, Inko Communication A.Ş. which is a 70% affiliate of Indeks, has acquired 15 years valid B type Telecom Operator Licence at 17.05.2004. According to the results of Interpro research regarding first 500 IT companies, Index became the first comapy in OEM, Mobile personal computer, Desktop personal computer, printing systems, Server, Storage& Back up, Office software categories. In addition, it became the 8th company between 500 IT companies in revenue based range. As Turkish Telecom is the first company in this range, Index Bilgisayar succeded to take a place in first 10 companies as it is a native company in Turkey.


In 2003, the product range portfolio was extended with the addition of FUJITSU SIEMENS, NEC, and BENQ brands. In addition, the shares in partner company DATAGATE were increased to 85%. The consolidated turnover of 2003 increased by 17% comparing to 2002 and became 277 million USD. The name of one of the group companies called Ines A.Ş. was changed to Inko A.Ş. and the company’s articles of association were amended to enable it to operate in the field of Telecom Operators.


In 2002, OKI printers and Toshiba notebooks and server products were added to Indeks product family. All of the group companies moved into new headquarters of Indeks with an indoor area of 10.000 m2 at Cendere Yolu No:23 Kagıthane. The turnover of 188 million USD was achieved.


In 2001, the sole distributorship agreement with Novel was made. Later, the distributorship of the Sony and Microsoft OEM products respectively were also concluded. Despite the economic crisis in 2001, the company continued conducting its investments and acquired 50,5% of DATAGATE which is one of the leading companies in the computer parts/OEM sector. Furthermore, the company continued its investments and acquired 70% of NETEKS that is quite well experienced network products distributor company, and despite the economic crisis it carried on growing. According to the results of Interpro research, Index became the first company in Information Technology Hardware Revenue category, second company in Turkey Information Technology Companies. Thus, Index was the 11th biggest IT company between 500 IT companies (Telecommunication companis included) in Turkey.


In April12, 2000, The Company changed its legal status from Limited to an incorporated Company. In August of the same year, the company called Pouliadis and Associate Societe Anonyme Industrial and Commercial of High technology Systems S.A. (“Pouliadis”) bought 49% share of Indeks A.Ş. The company enlarged its product range in peripherals by acquiring the distributorship of Epson products and in the same year, made an agreement with Compaq in November. Thus, Index achieved a title of the first distributor company which is having IBM, HP, Compaq PC products together in its product portfolio in Turkey with the achievement of 163 million USD turnover in the year of 2000.



In 1999, Indeks A.Ş. made distributorship agreements with many important world brands such as Xerox, Microsoft, IBM POS, Escort, Cisco and started to operate its own “Logistics Centre” in June of the same year. One of the most important investments made for the channel thus was realised through “Indeks Logistics Centre” with a closed area of 2500m2, equipped with a highly functional technology. Indeks with its US$ 105.000.000 turnover was among the 6 biggest computer firms in Turkey and the biggest distributor of Turkish IT industry in terms of the quality product range.


In 1998, The Company achieved the “The Most Active Computer Firm” award for the third time therefore, Indeks became the only IT firm which has been awarded three times with the same award in Turkey. Through an investment made by Indeks and the company Van Dorp Despec Group which was number one in consumables in Europe, jointly, consumable products department of Indeks A.Ş. is turned to “DESPEC Turkey”. Indeks has been rated 8th biggest computer company having been protecting the previous position and finalizing the year with a turnover of 75 million USD.


In 1997, The Company became the 8th biggest IT firm having been concluding distributorship agreements with Lotus and IBM software, thereby entering the software distributing field. Later of this year, the agreement for distribution of “HP PC and peripherals” was concluded with HP A.Ş. The Company made a new agreement with IBM that year for the distributorship of one of the highest value added products, AS/400 product line.


In 1996, IBM changed the selling model to the “distributor” for PC sales. Indeks thus became the first firm in Turkey to conclude a distributorship agreement with IBM. In april of the same year, Indeks succeded to sell 4.127 pcs computers very uniquely. The company has been awarded with “The Most Active Distributor company” award as it has been awarded one more time in 1995 with the same award. It acquired the title of the 9th biggest IT firm with a turnover of 36 million USD at the end of that year.


In 1995, April It has established the Izmir Branch and made “Solution Partnership” agreement with IBM in May of the same year. Even in the fifth month of its relations with IBM, the company was rewarded “IBM PC Solution Partner Award for Achievement”. The company also carried off “The Most Active Distributor company” award, one of the important award organized by Interpro because of its serious channel activities. The turnover for 1995 was realized as USD 15,9 millions.


In 1994, the company has acquired the position of “Turkish Distributor” of the APC uninterruptible power supply products. It became the 19th bigge2st IT Company achieving a turnover of USD 11,3 millions.


In 1993, it became the 20th biggest information technology (IT) company of Turkey having a turnover of USD 9,2 millions in 1993 with 56 employees.


In 1992, Indeks started having brach experience having been openin Ankara branch and began more permanent operations in Central Anatolian Region with the revenue reaching USD 3,7 millions and having been rated as 30th company between IT sector.


In 1991, the company made an agreement with an italian company called olivetti for the distribution of Olivetti products. Indeks achieved usd 2.188.000 revenue with 36 employees having been rated as 45. company between other IT companies.


In 1990, Indeks made an agreement with the American company called 3M for the distribution of 3M magnetic media products. The company increased its market share in 3M products from 1.2% to 55% within one year. In the same year, It achieved a turnover of USD 1.380.000 with 19 employees. It was rated as 82. company between IT companies in terms of revenue.

Indeks Bilgisayar Sistemleri Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established by three computer engineers and one mechanical engineer to operate in the computer industry in 10.07.1989. The aim of Indeks is to provide all changing needs of computer companies around Turkey under an identity of well organized computer distributor company. Index Inc became a joint stock company in April, 2000. The company has the head office in Istanbul and deals with IT business in buying and selling computers and computer hard wares, data transfer equipments, as well as giving technical and software support.


In 1989, Indeks started its operations and achieved a turnover of USD 875.000.

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