Corporate Management

Board of Directors, Responsible Committee Members, Corporate Management Committee and Risk Detection Committee

Board of Directors
Board members have been elected for a term of office of three years in the General Meeting dated 14.05.2018 and their duties and rights have been determined according to the Company's Articles of Association and relevant articles of Turkish Commercial Code. This General Meeting was published in the Turkish Trade Register Newspaper No. 9589, dated 30 May 2018.

Chairman Nevres Erol Bilecik
Deputy Chairman Salih Baş
Board Member Attila Kayalıoğlu
Board Member Halil Duman
Board Member Tomasz Janusz Czechowicz
Board Member Ulrich Kottmann
Board Member Ayşe İnci Bilecik
Independent Board Member Berrin Önder
Independent Board Member Sedat Sami Ömeroğlu

Responsible Auditing Committee Members

Chairman Berrin Önder
Committee Member Sedat Sami Ömeroğlu

Corporate Management Committee

Chairman Berrin Önder
Committee Member Ulrich Kottmann
Committee Member Naim Saraç
Committee Member Tuba Bilecik

Risk Detection Committee

Chairman Berrin Önder
Committee Member Salih Baş
Committee Member Ulrich Kottmann

Dividend Policy

Our Company's Dividend Policy, with the condition of not less than the rates that Turkish Capital Markets legislation indicated, is done according to long term growth & strategies, investment & finance needs, profitability structure and shareholders’ expectations, with the exclusion of extraordinary circumstances in economic conditions, by giving cash & free share or cash with specific percentage & free share with specific percentage.

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