Shareholding Structure

Our 56.000.000 TRL Capital consists of A Group Registered Shares amounting of 318,18 TRL and B Group Bearer Shares amounting of 55.999.681,82 TRL.

A group of shareholders have the rights to appoint one more of the half member of the Executive Board. After the initial dividend is given from the distribution of profit, A group Shareholders have also the rights to get % 5 of the remaining part.

Shareholders' Details are given below:

Shareholder Country Share Percentage (%) Number of Shares Value of Stake (TL)
Nevres Erol BİLECİK Turkey 36,37% 20.369.646 20.369.646
Publicly Traded   %61,26 34.302.899 34.302.899
Other Turkey 2,37% 1.327.455 1.327.455
TOTAL   100,00% 56.000.000 56.000.000
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