What is the share code of İndeks Bilgisayar AŞ in Borsa Istanbul?


When was İndeks Bilgisayar AŞ founded?

Index AŞ was established on 10.07.1989.

When did İndeks Bilgisayar AŞ go public?

Index AŞ was opened to the public on 24.06.2004.

What is the latest shareholding structure of İndeks Bilgisayar AŞ?

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Where can be found the financial information about İndeks Bilgisayar AŞ?

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What is the dividend policy of İndeks Bilgisayar AŞ?

The dividend policy of İndeks Bilgisayar AŞ is to give cash or bonus shares, or to give a certain amount of cash, at a certain rate, not less than the minimum rates stipulated by the Capital Markets legislation, excluding special circumstances required by extraordinary developments in economic conditions in line with long-term growth and strategies, investment and fund requirements, profitability status and expectations of the partners.

In which sector does İndeks Bilgisayar AŞ operate?

İndeks Bilgisayar AŞ and its subsidiaries operate in the IT sector.

Who can shareholders call with questions?
Onur Kara
Investor Relations
What are the subsidiaries, percentage of ownership and capital of the company?
Direct Ownership Held by Indeks(%)
Indirect Ownership Held by Indeks(%)
30.000.000 TL
% 59,24
% 59,24
28.410.000 TL
% 100,00
% 100,00
5.000.000 TL
% 99,99
% 99,99
150.000 AED
% 100,00
% 100,00
1.000.000 TL
% 80,00
% 80,00
50.000 TL
% 99,80
% 99,80