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Establishment of Index
The leading information technologies distribution group of our day, Index Grup’s 32 years of success story full of love, respect, and endeavor starts with the office that was opened on the first floor of a modest but pretty apartment in Beşiktaş on July 10th, 1989. A new graduate of Istanbul Technical University and among the first computer engineers of Turkey, Erol Bilecik started his career in 1987 at a corporation. However, in a short while his entrepreneurship passion motivated him to establish his own business and in 1989 Index Grup took its first steps towards success.

Furniture of the first office that was a very modest apartment were bought from a second-hand store in Topkapı for a very moderate price. This initial investment had a very small material value for those days while its moral value was unmatched. Since those days when baby steps were taken with a small number of people, with high enthusiasm, hopeful, fanciful, confident, working for long hours and with devotion, labor, and great effort. Today, those colleagues that worked in that first office still describe the tasty food they had from the meatball restaurant on the lower floor of the office and the dreams they shared while having that food. Although small steps were taken during those times, dreams were big from the very first day. And from day one, Index had a clear vision: “Being the Technology Source of Turkey”!


First Steps
Flow of encounters and having the correct hand is important in life. In the beginning of the 90’s a compliment made to 3M that was one of the most innovative American companies had a high return and distributorship contract was signed with 3M. This cooperation lays the ground for a major success story.

For initial commercial experiences of Index, working with such a large and international company proves to be very valuable. Index gained significant experiences in many basic areas such as making business plans, establishing production forecast, planning marketing activities, warehouse and shipping management, giving postdated checks. In this process, the experience of working with dealers was among the most important gains for Index. Especially many steps taken in Anatolia during that time created foundations of partnership relationships that are still continuing today with pleasure. And at the end of a six-month period, the company starts to occupy the market leading position with 60% market share in all magnetic peripheral products, mainly, floppy disks.

Increasing transaction volume of 3M creates the need to lease and invest on a warehouse for Index for the first time. Thus, in a short while like six months, when the small office in Beşiktaş is no longer sufficient for growing business needs, Index moves to its second office in Gayrettepe and invests in a 30 square meter warehouse that was then called “the major investment”. Considering the enormous logistics center of the group today, modesty of that first warehouse investment in 1990 becomes even more evident. Although steps and square meters were small, unlimited dreams of Index starts demonstrating itself even then.

And at the end of 1990 the company takes its proud place in “Top 100 Computer Companies” list created by Bilgisayar Magazine.


The First Branch
Decision was taken to open a branch in Ankara to access public offices that were perceived to carry major sales potential for 3M products.

Thus, in April 1991 the first branch opens.

By the end of 1991 Index rises to the 45th place on “Top 100 IT Companies List”.


New Partnerships
In 1992 Index starts configuring servers for many brokerage houses traded at İMKB (Istanbul Stock Exchange). It becomes hardware partner of the software company IDB. Two sales are made every month on average of servers of IST that was the first PC brand to be assembled in Turkey.

In 1992 Olivetti PC’s are the second best seller brand in Turkey following IBM and Index achieves major volume with Olivetti brand.

Index continues its rise on “Top 100 IT Companies List” in 1992 and occupies the 30th place.


Continue to Grow
In the beginning of 1993 another assertive decision is taken at the biggest office investment to that day is made and the company moves to its third office. This new office leased in Mecidiyeköy is known as “Mezzanine”.

Index continues its fast rise on “Top 100 IT Companies List” in 1993 and this time occupies the 20th rank.


Important Partnerships
One of the most significant cornerstones for the group belongs in this year: distributorship contract with HP is signed for consumer goods.

Contracts with Siemens Nixdorf PC APC brands that is still a partner are also signed in this year.

Index continues to rise on “Top 100 IT Companies List” in 1994 and occupies the 19th rank this year.


Major Change that Starts with IBM and Acceleration
While growth continues every year, a motto loved and embraced by all employees is found: “Index #1 in 2000!”

Now all efforts are spent to become the sectoral leader. 70% of revenues of the time comes from consumer goods while 30% comes from hardware products. It is decided that there must be a change in these percentages to become the sectoral leader. Now it is time to get a hardware contract from the 1st League and there is only one way of doing this: Working with the then leader of the PC market, IBM!

And as a result of intense efforts, in August 1995 one of the most significant developments in the group history materializes: “Solution Partnership” contract is signed with IBM.

Index is off to an amazing start with IBM and in a short time many successful results are achieved. “The Highest Number of Sales Points” that is achieved in only four months after the beginning of the contract brings “IBM PC Solution Partner Success Award” at the end of the year.

Izmir branch is opened in the same year.

Index continues to rise on “Top 100 IT Companies List” in 1995 and occupies the 16th rank this year.


IBM Distributorship
Index, becomes the first company to sign distributorship contract with IBM in Turkey and its success story gains a historic momentum.

This year also a record that is still remembered with pleasure and pride is achieved: sale of 4127 IBM Aptiva PC in only 8 days!

1996 becomes an active and fruitful year. Index occupies the 9th rank in “Top 100 IT Companies List” in 1996. The company makes it to the top 10! Thus, faith in leadership target is reinforced!


Growth and Move
Growing year after year, Index decides to move once again to catch up with increasing business and the land in Gürsel Neighborhood is purchased and ground broken for the new building. This valuable building with extraordinary architecture makes significant contribution to promotion of Index.

Index continues to carry its rank forward on “Top 100 IT Companies List” an occupies the 8th place in 1997!


Major Steps with HP on the Way to the Top
Another important turning point in the history of the group takes place in this year: HP chooses Index as its Hardware Products Distributor. After this day everything ascends to a higher league. Developments planned and believed in start taking place quickly and one after another.

The same year construction of the building in Gürsel Neighborhood is completed and the company moves to the new building.

This year, founders of the Netherlands-based Despec (Dealer Specialist) company decides to invest in Turkey. Power and experience of Index in consumer products catch their attention and in a short time the two companies establish a solid partnership based on mutual trust. Thus, Despec Turkey is established with 50% partnership. Index transfers its consumer products activities to Despec.

Distributorship contract is signed with Lotus & IBM Software products to enter into software distribution business. New contract with IBM makes Index distributor of AS/400 product group that has the most important value added products of Turkey.

Elazığ branch is opened to focus more on Anatolia and advance further nationwide

And 1998 ends with a nice contract: Index becomes distributor of Kingston products.

Index continues with its ascension on “Top 100 IT Companies List” and occupies the 6th rank. The company continues to proceed to the top!


Initial Steps in the Network World
The first logistics center of the group, “Index Lojistik Center” is established. Thus, Index activates its own logistics center and becomes the biggest distributor in Turkish IT sector.

As 50% partners with Greece-based Despec Hellas, Desbil AŞ is established and foreign direct investment in Turkey is facilitated for the second time. Although millions of USD capital is attracted to Turkey both with Despec and with Desbil, two different foreign company mergers are realized to undersign a first and major success that is still unequalled to this day. Establishment of Desbil is a nice step not just in terms of its commercial value but also for development of Turkish-Greek relationships.

The biggest network contract in the world is signed with Cisco. This is how the company starts its journey to become the biggest player in the network industry.

Distributorship contracts are signed for very important products such as Xerox, Microsoft, IBM Pos, and Escort this year. Thus, the company now has very strong contracts such as IBM, HP, Cisco, Kingston, and Microsoft. Index is now at a very strong location regarding value added businesses, logistics, networking, and customer products.

In 1999 Index makes itself a place between the top two distributor companies that have been keeping their places for years and occupies the second rank. And now the target of becoming “#1” that all Index is now saying out loud is closer than ever!


Foreign Partnership
Following the major steps taken in 1996-2000 period the company needs a stronger capital to achieve even higher successes. This starts the search for a strategic partner to ensure foreign capital entry into the company. In this scope Pouliadis and Associate Societe Anonyme Industrial and Commercial of High Technology Systems SA purchases 50% shares of Index AŞ to establish Index & Pouliadis partnership.

This year the company also becomes distributor of Epson products.


Acquisitions and Sectoral Leadership
Distributorship contract is signed with Compaq in the beginning of the year. Index achieves a first in Turkey with this contract and becomes the only distributor company in Turkey to incorporate IBM, HP, and Compaq PC products.

Signs a contract with Novel to become the only distributor of this company.

Also becomes distributor of Sony and Microsoft OEM products in turn.

The company continues with its investments despite the economic crisis in 2001 and acquires 50% share of Datagate that is the leading company of Computer Spare Parts/OEM sector on March 1st, 2001. The same day, 94% of Netex that is a very experienced distribution company is acquired to lay the foundation of the company to be the leader in network industry.

This year Index Group draws attention to itself with 3 companies in top 50 and 4 in top 100 of Top 500 ICT Companies Listing.

At the end of 2001, Index becomes number 1 among distributors thus begins its sectoral leadership that continues to this day for 20 years by far!


Chairmanship of TÜBİSAD
Erol Bilecik is elected as Chairman of the Board of Managers of one of the oldest non-governmental organizations in Turkish computer sector, TÜBİSAD (Informatics Industry Association).

When the building and logistics center in Gürsel Neighborhood that the company was excited to move into in 1998 becomes insufficient for business that grew further, the company decides to move once again. Index grows fast and moves to new facilities as it grows. Thus it moves to its 3-floor facility on 10,000 square meter area at Cendere Yolu No:23 Kağıthane address.

Moving proves fruitful and two major Japan technology brands are included in product portfolio: the company starts distributing Oki printers and Toshiba notebooks and server products.


Continuing Growth with New Brands
The company continues to grow in 2003 with new brands. Fujitsu Siemens and Nec brands are added in Index product portfolio and 3Com and HCS brands are added to Netex product portfolio.


Public Offering of Index
Index AŞ is offered to the public on June 24th, 2004. Thus Index is listed on IMKB as the fifth information technologies company to be offered to the public in Turkey.

Distributorship contracts are signed with Kingmax for memory product and with Asus for barebone products and the company starts distribution of such products.

ISO9001:2000 certificate is received the same year.


Introduction to Customer Electronics 80% of shares of Neotech AŞ are acquired to take upon activities in consumer electronics and communication technologies and the company enters into a new market. Contract signed between Neotech AŞ and Apple IMC Turkey for distributorship of Apple products in Turkey.

Distributorship contract is signed with TPV Technology Limited for distributorship of LCD, CRT Monitors, Plasma Monitors, and LCD TV products with AOC brand in Turkey.

Netex AŞ receives distributorship of HP ProCurve.


Public Offering of Datagate and Establishment of Teklos
Datagate AŞ is offered to the public on February 10th, 2006. Thus it becomes the sixth company to be publicly offered in Turkish information technologies sector and achieves another first by becoming the second public offering from the same group.

Location of the company in Profilo building falls short of meeting needs of the company both logistically and as office which leads to the search for a new office. Thus Ayazağa location named as “IndexPark” is acquired on March 1st, 2006. With investment on the new location, the highest local capital company investment in the sector is realized.

Distributorship contracts are signed with Canon on printer, fax, and scanner products, with Western Digital Corporation on hard disc products, with Panasonic on consumer electronics products, with ViewSonic on monitor products, and with Sony Vaio on notebook products.

By 2006 the company becomes a distributor with 6-7 million boxes in shipments. The company decides to give its logistics power that has been one of the most valuable skills of the group from day one a structure that would now serve also outside the group. In this scope Teklos AŞ is established in November 2006 to provide services in technology logistics.


Partnership with Westcon Group
2007 is a year when Index Grup takes bigger steps in the international area. On July 24th, 2007 Indeks Bilgisayar AŞ sells 50% shares of Neteks İletişim AŞ to Westcon Group European Operation Limited that is one of the biggest companies in the world in its field.

Distributorship contracts are signed with Asus on notebook products and with Philips on monitors and peripheral unit products.

Distributorship contract is signed with Nokia AŞ on E series devices and their software products.


Continue to Grow with New Brands
The company continues to grow in 2008 with leading technology brands in their fields. Distributorship contracts are signed with LG on portable laptops, consumer products, and monitors, with Asustek on Asus brand server products.

Neotech becomes distributor of Wacom products while Datagate becomes distributor of Belkin products.

Index becomes solution partner (distributor) of TTNET.


Establishment of Homend
Index Grup decides on a brand new entrepreneurship. The company invests in production of small household devices which is a different area and story of Homend begins.

The company starts providing large scale logistics services to Teklos, Brightstar, and Vodafone.

Distributorship contract is signed with Iomega and supplier contract is signed with Best Buy.

Contracts of Neotech with Apple and Airties are transferred to Index.

Netex signs distributorship contracts with Juniper, IBM ISS, and Avaya.


Public Offering of Despec
Despec AŞ is offered to the public on November 26th, 2010. This becomes public offering of the third company in the same group.

Teklos AŞ signs logistics service contract with Türk Telekom on warehousing and distributorship of products supplied to Türk Telekomünikasyon AŞ.


Artım is under Index Grup umbrella
With an aim of becoming shareholder of a company meeting spare parts needs in informatics sector, the company buys 51% shares of Artım AŞ.

Neotech AŞ and Canon signs distributorship contract to distribute Canon brand camera and video camera products and accessories in Turkey.

Index AŞ is assigned as distributor of Office 365 products that are newly promoted by Microsoft in Turkey. Thus, the company becomes single distributor of products having features such as e-mail, Microsoft office programs, unified messaging, and file sharing.

Netex receives distributorship of BlueCat Networks.


Global Player
New company titled "Indeks International FZE" is established at United Arab Emirates, Dubai Jebel Ali International Free Zone to conduct activities in international information technologies, starting with the Middle East and Africa.

Negotiations on distributorship of iPad, Mac, iPod, and accessories in Turkey provide fruitful and distributorship contract is signed with Apple Europe.

Netex AŞ becomes Aruba Networks distributor.


Apple is with Index
One of the most important turning points in history of Index Grup takes place in 2013. The most major success of this year is the contract with iPhone. Contract signed on distributorship of iPhone devices and accessories in Turkey.

MCI acquires 20% shares of Index AŞ and becomes a partner of the company.

The same year Index becomes distributor of Adobe in Turkey.

Distributorship contract is signed with Canon Turkey on sales and marketing of Canon brand copiers and plotters in Turkey.

Neotech signs distributorship contract with XMI Pte Ltd to distribute X-mini brand mono, stereo, and multifunctional portable speakers in Turkey.


25th Anniversary of Index Grup
On its 25th year in 2014, Index Grup decides to appreciate its land known as “IndexPark” in a real estate project. In this scope the company moves to its new headquarters in Kağıthane while its logistics center moves to Gebze. Taking this step, Teklos AŞ becomes one of the strongest players in logistics sector.

Datagate and Avea signs distributorship contract whereby mobile phones, mobile devices, accessories, Avea GSM lines, Avea brand partner GSM lines, Virtual TL (credit) are supplied and sold to Avea Communication Centers (AİM) and Avea Distribution Centers (ADM) authorized by Avea together with Avea Corporate Technology Centers (KTM) and Avea brand products in retail channels.

Distributorship contract is signed with Lenovo Technology BV on Lenovo brand smart phone products.

Distributorship contracts are signed with Acer Computer Ltd on desktop and portable computer, tablet, monitor, server, data storage products and their peripheral unit products; with Fujitsu Technology Solutions Bilişim Ltd. Şti. on monitor products; with AOC International (Europe) BV on activities in the Turkish market.


Türk Telekom Distributorship
Datagate completes its first year as Telko distributor. Software, logistics, technology, and infrastructure processes are completed to increase service quality. Distributorship contract is signed with Türk Telekom.

Avea distributorship of Datagate takes its place in Index Grup history as the first step in telecom sector and as a critical development that can contribute to significant growth every year. With this contract Index Grup concludes distributorship contract with 10 smart phone producers and manages to take its place among strong players of the mobile world.


Opening Abroad
Index transfers all its distributorship contracts regarding value added product groups to a group company, Artım. In its new structure, Artım becomes distributor of Oracle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Lenovo DCG, Fujitsu, Honeywell, Zebra, Panasonic, and APC brands.

Artım is restructured to take its value added products to corporate clients abroad starting from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan through high-quality channel business partner ecosystem.

Netex receives distributorship of A10 Networks.

Despec receives regional distributorship of Samsung mobile products and tablets.


TÜSİAD Chairmanship Period
Erol Bilecik is elected as Chairman of TÜSİAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association) Board of Directors.

Index signs partnership with Samsung Electronics Turkey on distributorship. Again this year, Index becomes single authorized distributor of Microsoft PC accessories in Turkey.

Despec starts assigned accessory sales with GSM operators and IT chain stores distributorship of Samsung accessories.

Artım receives Micro Focus distributorship and opens its office in Azerbaijan.


New Partnerships
Index reinforces its product portfolio year after year with global leading technology brands and in 2018 becomes distributor of SanDisk and OPPO brands.

The same year Despec starts distributorship of Philips Lightening smart lightening systems while Artım becomes distributor of Pure Storage and all product range of Micro Focus.


30th Anniversary of Index Grup
Index Grup moves to its new office at Seba Office Boulevard in its 30th anniversary in 2019. In other words, Index Grup “returns home” that they all had been missing for 5 years.

Ankara, Bursa, Eskişehir, Çanakkale, Balıkesir, Bilecik, Yalova, Kütahya, and Kırıkkale cities are added to device sales and other distributorship services continuing between Datagate and Türk Telekom Grup.

Netex receives distributorship of Infovista, D-Link, Vertiv, and Arista.


The New Netex
Despec becomes distributor of Realme, Intenso, and Jlab brands.

Datagate becomes the authorized distributor of HTC Vive products in Turkey.

In order to present strongest brands of current IT technologies to its business partners from a single source, Netex and Artım companies of Index Grup active in value added distribution are merged under single umbrella on November 2nd, 2020 and start providing services under the name “Netex”.